Saturday 31 March 2012

Athletic Greeks

My search for the discus thrower at the British Museum last week revealed that he was in storage and sadly unavailable for viewing. A search around the galleries of ancient Greek art revealed the figures on the Elgin marbles were either fighting or making music and neither poses seemed to suggest Olympic activity. My husband then found a rather majestic urn with figures that looked as if they were running and described as taking part in a 'foot race'. He (husband not foot racer) brought me a folding stool to sit on as I hurriedly drew this figure. The next day I found an online picture of the discus thrower and drew it at home. Here are both drawings.
'Foot' note - the research of circles and the discus thrower is to develop the initial 'thinking' stage for a textile project that I'm planning for an exhibition in July in Manchester. I'm trying not to celebrate the Olympics but instead am inspired by the work of Eadweard Muybridge I saw in the Tate last year. 
Keep watching!

Wednesday 28 March 2012

Five minute pyjama drawings

I have challenged the students of my Masterclass - Ronnie, Valerie, Tricia, Sylvia, Jan, Carol, Jenny, Lynda, Liz, Angela, Gwen and one more Carol - to do a five minute drawing each morning while having a cup of tea and perhaps before getting dressed and washed! So, I'm doing it myself too - but no photos of me in my pyjamas!

I've decided to draw circular things as I'm working towards a piece for the 62 Group which I want to base on the discus thrower of ancient Greece Olympic fame.  This marble statue in the British Museum is supposed to represent the Olympic ideal. I'm going to see it tomorrow and hope to be able to do some drawing at the museum.
As well as the discus figure, I want to build up ideas of circles which might not seem particularly interesting until you start looking and drawing them. I've collected a heap of buttons, washers, metal and plastic rings and have made a start.
My new sketchbook has brown paper pages which makes a welcome change for plain white. I've made some rubbings and already see something coming through that I might be able to use. The layering of the rubbings has created a sense of movement and distance.
So I hope this encourages you all - Ronnie, Valerie, Tricia, Sylvia, Jan, Carol, Jenny, Lynda, Liz, Angela, Gwen and one more Carol!

Keep a look out for my discus thrower soon.

Monday 12 March 2012

Shibori in Jersey

Shibori workshops and fog kept me in Jersey for nearly a week. Hello to all the new Shibori addicts I met and have fun working with at the Jersey Textile Showcase. The Gala Dinner, one evening, required a 'smart' outfit so I 'shibori'd' a silk top with marbles and wrapped string for the occasion.

We saw the coastline during a particularly low tide which revealed rocks, tree stumps and wrecks not normally exposed. Note how high up the lighthouse is and also how well matched my 'glam' top was to the rocks!

The Textile Showcase event took place at venues around the Harbour Gallery at St Aubin, seen above my right shoulder below. As  you might imagine, it was quite a hardship living and working on this quayside!

Now that the fog has cleared and allowed me to leave the island, I can return to my 'day job' and I will be keen to catch up with everyone who is waiting for me to look at their blog.

Friday 2 March 2012

And the winners are...................

Congratulations and thank you to all who entered and made this a strong and interesting competition. Although there was a small number of entries, the standard of the work was high. The three jurors thoroughly enjoyed looking at the drawings selected by each candidate and all acknowledge that it was a strong field and initially difficult to differentiate. A 'marking scheme' and comments from each juror established clear winners and our congratulation go to................

FIRST PRIZE (£50 Voucher towards any Distant Stitch Module) goes to
Anne Amosford

SECOND PRIZE (£25 Voucher from 'Art Van Go') goes to
Helen MacRitchie

THIRD PRIZE  (£25 Voucher from 'Ario') goes to
Jenn Hutchins

A selection of the entries will soon be available to view on the Distant Stitch website

Le Return

The results of the Drawing Competition will be annouced on my blog later today.

Two short films taken during the evening event of the Lemon Festival at Menton to keep you amused while I collate the juror's marking schemes!