Wednesday 12 May 2010

For Anne: 'How to Make a Tomato Dress'

A mock-up of the actual item as most were given away during the exhibition to children who entered a quiz to guess the 'ingredients'. The beads ceratinly weren't added to the originals! See more images of the exhibition on the TSG website -
A large old iron cauldron was an inspiration for this installation. Tomato 'ingredients' were 'cooked' together in the cauldron to create these 'tomato' dresses made of shibori'd silk organza.

Shown in 'Material Works - off the wall' with the PSG (now the TSG) in 2003 at Enginuity, The Museum of Iron, Ironbridge.

Rows of tiny tomato trees were arranged on the pallets made of the up-turned lids of the tomato puree tubes as flower pots with a painted cocktail and fabric tomato as the 'tree'.