Monday 29 November 2010

Colour in the snow

A sprinkling of snow over Urchfont Manor.
The 'Stitched Textiles' Masterclass had a colourful experience at Urchfont Manor recently despite the fall of snow which covered the grounds and trees with a blanket of white. We warmed ourselves with the strong colours of this still life and used different aspects as a basis for design work during the weekend. Thank you to Carol Griffin for the lovely photos.

Friday 19 November 2010

Life Line

At last, a new piece of work from my own hands rather than passively enjoying all the wonderful things my students produce! This piece is a development of my 'assemblage' theme of threading small shapes together. The inspiration for 'Life Line' is drawn from watching and reading about the rescue of the 33 Chilean miners from their entrapment deep in the earth. The central hole in all the shapes denotes the long tunnel that was drilled to bring them to the surface. Please scroll down for detailed close-ups. It is 200 cms long, although the curled area at the bottom makes it an installation of about 130 cms high. Each square is 6 cms and are made of perforated vellum and collected newspapers recording the event.
See this and other textile pieces by members of the 62 Group at Gallery Oldham, Oldham, from 22nd January to 10th April 2011.