Wednesday 28 June 2017

More mud and weathered fabrics

My fabric fragments have been collected - -thank  you Rich and Becky. Some have weathered well and show a dramatic change with fraying,and  bleaching. Others haven’t changed much at all.


My handful of mud has been stirred and some water added until it looks as if it might make a useful paint to draw with and to dip fabrics into. Looking forward to exploring ways in which I can use it tomorrow.


This looks quite a beautiful colour – quite different from the vanilla ice cream this container once held.

Tuesday 27 June 2017

And more mud…

These images might suggest this post looks as if it’s still March, but this is in the middle of May. The temperature on the previous few days was nearly 30 degrees! A path of mud shows how dry and hot it had been.


So the following week saw some intrepid walkers, well wrapped up against the rain and deep mud, I joined a team of scientists who were walking out to the breach (the opening of Steart wetland area to the open sea at Bridgwater Bay).


They were setting up monitoring posts to gauge the movement of the sediment during the re-alignment of the two levels – land and sea -  using GPS recording.

Sian28  Sian29

Walking as far as the breach, we could see the marvellous waterfall created by the difference between the two levels. This will gradually disappear as the two levels equalise so it was very special to see it on this adventurous walk. Don’t go any further Clem!


Close up pics of mud, glorious mud….

Sian6  Sian5


I collected a handful of mud to bring home to think about ways in which I could use it in my studio experiments so watch out for further posts and expect to see a lot of muddy marks..