Tuesday 27 December 2022


The 62 Group celebrated it's 60th anniversary in 2022. The Group presented an anniversary show at the Knitting and Stitching shows at Alexandra Palace, London and at the conference centre, Harrogate. 
We were asked to devise a textile that showed the 'essence' of our textile practice. For me this was a challenge to define this and eventually decided to try to convey a combination of my interesting in making structures by composing a series of separate sections, involving a challenging investigation in the making process. 

Each layer is a crumpled square of waxed cotton organdie. Each section is threaded together with strips of frayed silk organza.

I am also interested in linking my textile ideas to a concern I am moved by such the destruction of communities of people due to war and climate change. The layers in the construction 'Echo' are designed to suggest and reflect the fragility of our world by the tilting of the layers which are still held together before they fall over, hinting at a positive outcome. 

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